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Santa Monica Pediatrics and Adult Medicine

If you're looking for extraordinary care for your family and peace of mind for you, then you've found it at Santa Monica Pediatrics & Adult Medicine. We're a family owned and operated office, we've been in your shoes and have felt all the frustrations and joys of being parents.

Complete Pediatric Care

Our practice treats children of all ages -- from newborn to college -- with a particular emphasis on developmental pediatrics. Every time you visit our Pediatrician, Santa Monica Pediatrics & Adult Medicine makes sure your child receives a comprehensive developmental check-up on each visit.

Plus, each time, you see the same doctor who knows you and your family the best.

State-of-the-Art Office

Our office has all of the electronic capabilities to make the paperwork and registration process much easier. This means:

  • Our doctors have more time for you! We make sure you have ample time to discuss all of your questions and concerns with the top pediatrician in Los Angeles.
  • Zero or minimal wait time for patients, as our appointment-making software is incredibly precise.
  • Limited interaction between sick patients and healthy visitors. Our appointment setter properly spaces appointments, limiting contact between those who visit our office. we provide separate healthy and sick visit rooms.

We provide 24-hour access to a Pediatrician in Los Angeles for the most comprehensive service around. Our goal is to keep our patients out of urgent care facilities and emergency rooms as much as possible. Weekend, after hours and in-house visits are available with appointment only. 

In addition to our electronic scheduling, Santa Monica Pediatrics & Adult Medicine has the most modern equipment on site for pediatric diagnosis and treatment. This includes:

  • Phlebotomy laboratory, Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) certified
  • Digital X-ray services make our office ideal for sport-related injuries, much more convenient than ER

Our practice is well-connected and has strong relationships with top Pediatrics subspecialties in the nation.

Santa Monica Pediatrics is Pro-Vaccination, and we highly recommend it.

There are many advantages to receiving all of your required vaccinations from Santa Monica Pediatrics & Adult Medicine.

  • Our staff receives regular training, our office meets or exceeds the highest standards of sterility and vaccine injection techniques.
  • Our vaccines are preservative-free, kept up to CDC guidelines in a temperature-controlled refrigerator, and come from the top manufacturers in this country, never imported.
  • We don’t utilize multi-dose vial vaccines, this eliminates cross contamination, single unit vaccines have less unwanted chemicals or none at all.
  • We listen to your concerns, we recommend and follow AAP guidelines, We also have our own modified vaccine schedule and work with parents on spacing the vaccines as long as public health situation permits, we educate and spend the time to listen to you.
  • Our Office ranked on top as far as the vaccination rate by public health in Santa Monica.
  • We enter your children vaccination records on California Immunization Registry, this is an online password protected site provided to us by county of Los Angeles and can be accessed from anywhere. We are the only private office in Santa Monica with this service. You don't need to keep that piece of paper ever again!  

Santa Monica Pediatrics & Adult Medicine also provides immigration exams and vaccinations for travel including tuberculosis test for the whole family, including children. This is great for family members, nannies, housekeepers who require vaccinations. Make sure you protect your baby before they care for them.


Contact Santa Monica Pediatrics & Adult Medicine

We operate in the network with all major PPO insurance companies and provide discounts for cash patients who are looking for the most affordable Pediatrician in Los Angeles. Our multilingual staff is prepared to answer any questions about treatment methods, services, and civil surgeon exam.

To schedule an appointment at Santa Monica Pediatrics & Adult Medicine, call our office at 310-904-6665 or go to our contact page online. You may also make an appointment online 24/7.

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